Thursday, June 28, 2012

Renault Duster VS Ford Ecosport - Ending the Buying Option Dilemma

Indian auto market burgeoning with compact SUVs is making it tougher to decide what car you should be getting home. Your deciding factor may be the exterior beauty of the car, or perhaps the interior comfort, or the power and thrill that driving the car provides you, or perhaps the fuel efficiency. 

Renault Duster VS Ford Ecosport stands as two upcoming SUVs that are neck to neck in competition creating ripples of predilections on the minds of buyers yet a lot of confusion as well. If you too have a buying plan stuck over which to buy out of these and you are quite desperately waiting for these cars to hit the market, you got to check out an exhaustive comparison between the both.

Renault Duster will have a perfect off-roader appearance and will be based on Logan platform. Renault will be placing it under the D segment of cars. It is expected to be designed to move smoothly through all road types as well as tracks. The exteriors are smart and quite masculine. The fine aerodynamic design of the Crossover SUV includes roof antenna that makes the wind noise and turbulence reduced.

Interiors of Renault are pretty good though they look quite similar to those of Logan. It’s perfectly luxurious and has sporty look, flat seats best suit the Indian streets. Space is fabulous with lots of head, leg and shoulder room. However, certain things are a bit clumsy like electrically powered 3 spoke steering gets quite heavy while turning and large size of door handles appear hopeless when you get sudden turns and jerks. 

Ford Ecosport has quite innovative and fresh appearance that easily attracts your attention. Exteriors are smart and stylish, pretty urbane and young. The body is strong and sports lot of strength, the side profile, the bonnet, the back everything has a younger look about it. Interiors are comfortable and quiet offering better view of the roads and surrounding, rightly promoted as an SUV for urban inhabitants as its design together with remarkable off road qualities make it fit for the city as well as off-roads, easy to park and handle best for congested Indian cities. It goes pretty easily on the potholes and other ups and downs of Indian roads and also offers special water wading feature. 

The interiors are wonderfully chic and comfy you have sport for Bluetooth, USB devices and special voice control and SYNC facility. So you talk and get the things happen for you. The 60:40 rear seats can be folded down letting you store as much as you want and other than that you have special 20 different storage spaces. 

The expected mileage of Ecosport is between 14kmpl (city) and 19kmpl (highway) for the petrol variant and between 16kmpl (city) and 21kmpl (highway) for the diesel variant, whereas for the Renault Duster, the mileage expectation is between 10.5kmpl (city) and 13.24kmpl (highway) for the petrol variant and between 18.0kmpl (city) and 20.46kmpl (highway) for the diesel variant. The fuel economy of Ford Ecosport is remarkable for its special EcoBoost engine that churns out more mileage and reduces CO₂ emission.

Taking a look at the pricing of both the SUVs, Ecosport wins over, with the expected starting price being somewhere above 7 lakh going as high as 9 lakh compared to Duster which is expected to start at Rs. 8,20,000 going as high as Rs. 11,60,000.

Considering the style quotient, looks, comforts, performance, features, and pricing, it is Ecosport that appears a step above as a buying option compared to Duster; however it won’t be hitting the market anytime before 2013 which gives Duster an ample amount of time to make its place in the market as it is getting launched on 4th July 2012.

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