Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two Classy Compact Sedan: Mahindra Verito vs. Swift Dzire Diesel

Mahindra Verito and Swift Dzire are premium class compact sedan cars and have made their strong stance in automobile sector. Both the cars are wonderful in their own aspects. But there are certain things which make them differ from each other. Mahindra Verito Diesel vs. Swift Dzire Diesel discussion will throw some light on their comparisons on the basis of following criteria:

1. Engine Specifications and Performance: Mahindra Verito 1.5 D2 Diesel has engine of 1.5L with 65bhp power with dci common rail engine. The maximum power it delivers is 65@4,000 (PS @ rpm) and torque it can go up to is 16.2kgm@rpm. Where as Swift Dzire 1.3L has 75bhp and has turbocharged intercooler engine. The maximum power it can generate is 75@4,000 (PS @rpm) with the maximum torque of 19@ 2,000(kgm @rpm). The turbocharger engine feature is not present in Verito whereas Dzire is equipped with turbocharger.
Both compact sedans have manual transmission with the gearbox of five speeds.

2. Features: When we talk on the basis of features available in both the cars. Swift Dzire steals the show. There are array of features which are present in Dzire but not in Verito. The features like rear view mirror turn indicator, rear window defogger, integrated antenna, tinted glass, outside temperature display, cigarette lighter, power windows, automatic climate control, cup holders in front and rear, multi function steering wheel are some of the basic feature Swift Dzire is backed with but Verito lacks all such things, which makes it bit upsetting. The safety features like Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Assist, seat belt warning, door ajar warning, keyless entry, seat height adjustment, audio system front and rear with remote control is another worth mentioning features which Dzire can boast of but Verito has to keep mum when we discuss about the features. Moreover Verito does not come with warranty facility for car maintenance whereas Swift Dzire humbly offers 2years time warranty.

3. Price: Price is the most common factor which any consumer will think first of all. As we have seen that Swift Dzire has outsmarted Verito in many aspects. Coming to price the Mahindra Verito has been price tagged between Rs. 6, 18,449 to Rs. 6, 39,192. Swift Dzire cost starts from Rs. 6, 92,507 to Rs. 7, 78,458. The prices mentioned are Ex-showroom price. We can that price of Dzire is more compare to Verito, but Dzire is offering really great things with slightest increased price.

4. Mileage: Verito Diesel delivers 21.03 kmpl and Swift Dzire Diesel has an impressive mileage of 23.4kmpl.

Mahindra Verito and Swift Dzire differs on other basis like weight, the Verito gross weight is more and it is much bigger in exterior dimensions of both length and width comparing to Dzire. The Verito offers better ground clearance of 172mm whereas Dzire has 170mm and wheelbase of Verito is 2,630mm and 2,430mm of Dzire. This shows Verito is going to be bit bulky during driving and handling. Swift Dzire is wonderful in handling and smooth driving. The boot space is more in Verito and Dzire offer lesser storage space.

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