Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SsangYong Rexton Vs Toyota Fortuner - SUV market in India up with new models

The Indian SUV market has taken a big new step with the launch of the SsangYong Rexton, owned by Mahindra and Mahindra. The Korean SUV maker is expected to rollout more quality SUVs in the country. The market is following the US market asmore and more high end SUVs coming out regularly.

Exterior: In comparing the exteriors, the Rexton is a big and bulky SUV with a sporty and aerodynamic design. The front has a dual grill one between the headlamps and one between the fog-lamps, to provide extra cooling to the big engine. The Fortuner also follows the same bulky design and looks even sportier than the Rexton. The body is nicely designed, with bold curves and edges all over the body. The large chassis of both the vehicles provides great road presence.

Interior: On the inside, the Rexton is lavishly decorated with good quality beige leather. The gear knob and the steering wheel are wrapped in leather. The 3 row seating is spacious with good legroom and each seat has an individual ac vent to increase the comfort of every passenger. The interior of the Fortuner is done neatly in two tone beige leather, which gives the cabin a very luxurious and comfortable feel. The broad SUV has good shoulder room and good headroom to seat all the people easily.

Power and Performance: The Rexton is powered by a 2.7-litre diesel engine with a displacement of 2696CC. The huge engine has an impressive power output of 165PS@4000rpm and a maximum torque of 329Nm@1800-3250rpm. The car performs well in city traffic and is good enough to go off road once in a while. The Mighty Fortuner is powered by a huge 3.0-litre which produces a maximum power of 168PS@3600rpm and a maximum torque of 343Nm@1400-3400rpm. The engine comes with turbocharger and intercooler which provides amazing performance in terms of speed and power.

Mileage: Both the cars are powered by huge diesel engines and so, mileage is not supposed to be the best feature on the brochures. The Rexton provides a modest mileage around 9.1 to 9.8 kilometres to the litre with the variation arising due to the different driving conditions. The Fortuner though, with a bigger engine has a rather impressive mileage of 11 kilometres to the litre on the highway but a very low of 7 kilometres to the litre on city roads.

Variants and Price: The Rexton would be available in India in 2 variants. The Rexton RX5 manual version is available for Rs. 17, 75,000 (Ex. Showroom Delhi) and the RX7 automatic version is priced at Rs. 19, 67,000 (Ex. Showroom Delhi). The Fortuner is available in 2 basic versions a 4 by 4 MT priced at Rs. 22, 23,079 (Ex. Showroom Delhi). The 4 by 2 versions are available in 4 different variants which are the Manual at Rs. 21, 06,559 (Ex. Showroom Delhi), the AT priced at Rs. 21, 91,016 (Ex, showroom Delhi). Other 2 4 by 2 versions are the MT TRD SPORTIVO priced at Rs. 21, 66,559 (Ex. Showroom Delhi) and the best AT TRD SPORTIVO priced at Rs. 22, 51,016 (Ex. Showroom Delhi).

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